A free open source file explorer
for Red Dead Redemption

What is it?

RDRExplorer is an open source Red Dead Redempion File Explorer Tool that is very easy to use.
With it you can see and extract all game files of Red Dead Redemptions RPF archive files.

The difference between us and other RPF Explorers is, that we have the biggest name list currently known.

Latest Updates

Version 1.02 Build 4 - 13.12.2015

We translated the tool to Chinese and improved the user interface. If you want, you can contribute on GitHub and help us to improve this app!


  • Model support (soon)
  • Texture support (soon)
  • Localization

Open Source

RDRExplorer is licensed under the MIT License.
If you want to know what that means and what your rights are,
click here to get a simple explaination.